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Composed of 99% triglycerides (body fats), vegetable oils are all nourishing and protective. And preventing the water contained in the skin to evaporate, they have a positive effect on the hydration. They provide mainly essential fatty acids (omega-3, 6 and 9), vitamin E antioxidant and provitamin A. not to mention phytosterols (the active soothing, regenerating and protective) similar to the skin lipids, so well assimilated. This high affinity is that they are entering property at the time of application. ” The main advantage of vegetable oils is that they can change the skin. Thanks to their different properties related to their composition, they can in effect improve the condition of our skin, to soothe and nourish assets beneficial “, explains Émilie Jolibois, expert in Aroma-Zone.

They feed and repair

“Some of (the oil of andiroba, for example) contain the same components as anti-inflammatory, adds our expert. Others are going to act on the firmness of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Still others will help the skin to rebuild its natural protective film. “ This allows you to take care in daily life, regardless of its condition and its needs…

What is a dry oil ?

Certain oils are said to be ” dry “, because they are very little oily to the touch. Either it’s in their nature, like the oils of jojoba, black cumin or hazelnut. Either they were given this property in the ” reworking “. Their formula is then made up of vegetable oil and esters, derivatives of fatty acids. If these oils don’t pose a problem at the ecological level, in contrast to the effect of “care” on the skin is not at all the same ! It should not be confused with straight vegetable oil.

What oil to moisturize my skin ?

Normal skin : choose an oil that penetrates quickly, as those of a camellia, jojoba or shea. This last is presented in the form of vegetable butter, which provides more protection against the cold.

Dry skin : if you want to get dressed quickly, the easiest way is to apply an oil to the touch instead of dry, like those of hazelnut, jojoba, or, more rarely, to the desert date palm, or even cotton.

For a massage, it is better to use oil instead of fat : rice bran (for skin weakened or lacking tone), sesame (toning and moisturizing), sweet almond (for children and adults).

To boost hydration and nutrition, we can, if necessary, to mix a milk for the body with its vegetable oil, preferably an organic product.

Very dry skin : opt for a rich oil, whose fatty acids are actually going to drink the dehydrated skin. This is the case of argan oil (if your skin is irritated, or mature), sweet almond , sesame, or macadamia nuts (toning and anticapitons).

For a skin tends atopic (allergy risk), we prefer to use the oil cameline which is also soothing, or that of the chaulmoogra tree (a tree native to Asia), rich and oily, which is particularly well suited for skins that have real pathologies, such as psoriasis or eczema.

What to look for on the label

It must be cold-pressed, organic or wild, virgin and non-refined. It is stated on the label. ” The price is not always a guarantee of quality, warns Emily Jolibois . To be sure of the composition, it is better to read the list of ingredients, designated by their name in the international nomenclature. The main ingredient (in latin) is first in the formula. If the oil is not pure, three ingredients, is a maximum : emollient, oil (argan, for example) and fragrance. “

Most can be purchased in organic shops, but also in large surfaces, including the radius food. There are blends and, increasingly, oil pure. Those that are sold at the radius cosmetics are often refined and désodorisées or even fragrant.

An oil can give the buttons ?

We often imagine that they lead to pimples and blackheads because they are fat. And, it is feared, apply regularly on the face as on the body.

Yet, specialists are unanimous : well-chosen, the oil does not trigger flare-ups of acne !

In case of oily skin , rather the oil of jojoba , a liquid wax, which will rebalance the sebum secretion in the long term. And it prevents the oils of sweet almond, coconut , wheat germ…

To apply its oil

“No need to put too much on, insists Julien Kaibeck, expert in natural cosmetics. Simply take a small amount in the palm. Then the heat in the hollow of the hand before applying it on the body. “ The skin will have a satin finish, but it will be neither bright, nor shiny. Massage as often as possible is a real benefit for the skin.

3 recipes natural oil-based

Nourishing oil for special smooth legs

– After a mild scrub, spray the water of flowers of orange on the legs.

– Apply a few drops of argan oil and massage.

– Repeat this treatment every night for a week.

Moisturizing oil satin effect

– In a container opaque to 100 ml, pour 5 tablespoons of jojoba oil and 5 tbsp of the oil of macadamia (or hazelnut or apricot kernel).

– Add to the mix 20 drops of essential oil (your choice : lavender, true lavender, lavandin, sweet orange, bitter orange petitgrain, lemongrass or grapefruit*).

– After the shower, apply by massaging a few drops of this oil very gentle on the body.

– Wipe the skin with a towel (it is possible to dress immediately after).

– Keep about 6 months away from heat, air and light.

Oil restorative for nails

– Soak the tip of his fingers in a bowl of argan oil 1/4 of an hour per day, for a week.

*Citrus essential oils can be photo sensitizers (reaction to sunlight). What oil to moisturize my skin ?


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