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Fruits, caviar or natural oils, among others, allow the cosmetic formulations that improve the state of the skin of the face, body and hair. Products of natural way should be sampled on the table, they spend their power nutrient original to beautify the body, being very effective.


The extract of papaya and tea tree are the base of a shampoo that the stylist recommended as a treatment to detox hair. “It is a product gentle exfoliating and detoxifying, which removes minerals and dirt from the hair, cleaning it and stimulating the scalp”, they explain.

“We all know the importance of removing impurities from the face and the body to maintain the health and beauty of our skin in optimal conditions. Exfoliarlos gently is not only necessary, it is also the first step of beauty hair for a healthy hair and radiant”, ensure.

There are firms that use to the extract of caviar, with a high content of vitamins and trace elements, which stands out for its moisturizing properties to remove impurities and residues from the hair, therefore, according to indicate, “helping to normalize the imbalances of the hair as the accumulation of grease or dandruff.

With the goal of making the process of washing the hair ends providing thickness and vitality, some laboratories propose a balm with essential extract of olive tree, extracted from the flesh of the olive oil and separate the oil, which hydrates and detangles, after the shampoo.


Another food of the haute cuisine that does not overlook the cosmetic is the truffle, white, black, of Périgord, and especially, of Piedmont.

“It is a superactivo” cosmetic to be rich in protein, which improves the nervous tissue, muscle and circulatory, and contains a lot of vitamin B, which prevents fatigue; it also brings a lot of” iron”, say experts, who add that the truffle of the Piedmont is especially rich in nutrients for the skin, hair and nails, and contains minerals and B-group vitamins, especially riboflavin (vitamin b2) and niacin (vitamin b3).

The cream of white truffle of Piedmont, will help to minimize the pigmentation of the skin, acts as a powerful antioxidant, improves the luminosity, hydration and nutrition to the skin.

Also comes well to reduce the spots arising from sun exposure and it is an ideal treatment to treat dry and sensitive skin. “Truffles are transferred to the skin of its own nutrients and help the cells to protect against oxidation”, they comment.

Soy is another of the components that most recommended by the specialists in their treatments. “It is rich in vitamins and minerals, not only in its origin, nutritional, but also from the point of view cosmetic, as it contains large doses of essential amino acids thanks to that result in a skin firm, elastic and hydrated”. She has encapsulated in a few blisters, “to create a natural lift,” according to indicate.

Food and cosmetics have always been a good team to take care of the skin. Is long the fame of the wine to treat the dermis, international firms use the antioxidant power of the grape to tighten and tone the skin.

Hands and feet also opt for cosmetic gourmet to revitalize your skin. The “organic layers” applied to manicures and pedicures are an excellent choice for both limbs.

The exhilarating power of the chocolate, the seaweed, wine, or citrus fruits will soothe aches, eliminate toxins and promote circulation, as explained by the experts in beauty.


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