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Based in modern shopping malls and recreational facilities, a theater, a hotel, golf courses and large green spaces that anticipate the emergence of the vast rural landscape in the horizon of buenos aires, Canning is taking shape as a thriving tourist destination. However, the rapid urban development does not come to displace the atmosphere of small town that reigns in this town southwest of Buenos Aires, distributed among the parties of Ezeiza and Esteban Echeverría.

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Dozens of families take advantage of the easy accessibility from the city of Buenos Aires through Riccheri, and the highway that connects Ezeiza to Cañuelas to go –to the rhythm unusually relaxed– shopping Las Toscas, Breezes Canning and Plaza Canning, before arriving at the walk in the complex of 3D cinema, the Central Theatre, or simply enjoying a handmade ice cream in the plaza, or walking, immersed in pure air and tranquility.

Canning, nuevo polo turístico a un paso de Ezeiza

Three commercial centres to attract tourists in Canning

In the midst of the succession of cafés and restaurants, the cobbled streets of the complex Square Canning lead up to the market of organic food and sustainable Knows The Land, the place par excellence where the steps of the tourists, the residents of Monte Grande, Ezeiza, San Vicente, and Tristán Suárez and the inhabitants of the deprived neighborhoods of the area. Saturday between 10 and 18, around thirty producers is installed in the first floor of the shopping complex to provide fruit and vegetables free of agricultural chemicals, poultry, grass, eggs, field, whole grain breads, cheeses, cereals, sweets, preserves, honey, juices, oils, teas, seedlings, seeds, inputs for organic gardens, natural cosmetics and macrobiotic food, vegetarian and raw. The venture, part of Square Canning since last June, has as main objective the dissemination of the consumption in a sustainable way.

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In the wide gastronomic offer of Canning have accommodated the kitchens, peruvian, Italian, japanese, mediterranean and grill north american, in addition to ice-cream parlours, bars and tea houses. To the sides of the trace of the routes 52 and 58 (av Castex), the local food alternate with designer shops, clothing, furniture, banks, libraries, beauty salons, and art galleries that expose works of recognized artists.

Canning, nuevo polo turístico a un paso de Ezeiza

There’s peruvian cuisine, Italian, japanese, mediterranean and grill north american, in addition to ice-cream parlours, bars and tea houses.

The flower gardens and the modern development that dominate the landscape of Canning harmonize with the details of a category that are highlighted in Square Cantral Canning, a category hotel located in a strategic place for those travelers who are on the eve of boarding a flight at the Airport of Ezeiza.

“My parents came to Argentina looking for a land of opportunities and in this land, I dreamed of building a place for people to come, go, find, take a stroll and enjoy”, explains César Giuggioloni, one of the entrepreneurs linked with the growth of Canning during the last decade.


How to get there. Since Buenos Aires is 35 km by Riccheri and av Jorge Newbery (Highway to Cañuelas); diverting the highway in direction to San Vicente by avenida Mariano Castex (route 58); two tolls, $ 20.

Minibus San Vicente Express ( or The Medal ( from the Obelisk to Canning, $ 80 round trip on weekdays and $ 90 weekends and holidays.

Collective 51 (Company’s San Vicente) from Constitution to Canning (1 hr. 45’), $ 6,75 with CLIMBS.

Train Rock of the Constitution to Ezeiza, $ 8 round trip; with UP, $ 4; remís Canning for 4 people from there, $ 45 one-way (5075-0043).

Where to stay. Executive double room with breakfast, wifi, cable TV, uncovered parking, security 24 hs., mini gym and spa at the 4 star hotel Plaza Central Canning, US$ 110 plus VAT; De Luxe (with balcony), US$ 120 plus VAT (2065-2712 / /

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