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Plastic, parabens, allergens, cosmetic products, trade can be harmful to our health, in addition to being expensive. It is possible to replace them in a jiffy by turning to natural products, plants, and even food found in her kitchen. Here are 10 tips natural to adopt a beauty routine slow.

To return to a routine beauty in addition to slow, no need to have a large cauldron to make magic products from overly complicated recipes. Simply go back to simple products, easy to find and economic. What is the advantage ? We adopt a responsible consumption freed from the traps marketing, we preserve our health and the planet with natural products and reduces waste.

1. The make-up remover

There are makeup removers organic also soft for the skin than for the eyes. But, when applying make-up to the daily, the routine of the evening to clean up the face can be back expensive. To replace it, fill half of a empty bottle of a vegetable oil bio suitable for your type of skin (sweet almond, avocado, cumin) and a floral water according to its needs (lavender for oily skin, orange blossom for combination skin or rose for skin irritants). A true moment of sweetness.

2. The shower gel

Station to the shower gels of conventional trade which use many toxic chemicals and endocrine disruptors. In addition, the whole family uses the shower gel and the bottles are emptying faster than they replace. Then to oust the packaging plastic of the bath, we return to the solid soap. One chooses a true Marseille soap (olive oil and not palm oil free and paraben), an Alep soap or a soap organic saponified cold as the know ofArgasol and The Savonnerie Bourbonnaise.

3. The shampoo

Shampoos solid bio in the shape of a soap classic and have the advantage not contain no endocrine disruptor. Devoid of sulfate and substance allergen, the shampoos solid foam much less than a soap manufacturing but respects our hair. It is also possible to make its shampoo liquid home. Check out the recipes in the shampoo liquid and solid house.

4. The stick lip

Lips parched and chapped in the winter, sometimes even in the summer, we have all experienced it. Instead of using the sticks to lip of commerce, and replaces it with a coconut oil (organic and non-deodorized to keep its properties) and shea butter (prefer-bio and ethics) to the properties extremely nutritious. Keep a small pot handy.

5. The toothpaste

There are simple recipes of toothpaste house, which are very inexpensive. Just mix 1 c. c. of baking soda, 4 tbsp white clay and few drops of essential oils of mint or lemon. Another recipe is to mix 1 c. c. of baking soda and a tbsp of coconut oil. With these recipes, your toothpaste did you come back to a few cents per month.

6. The deodorant

The deodorant is a hygiene product and cosmetics which makes for great debate. Aluminium, parabens, alcohol, deodorants of the trade are extremely dangerous to the health. Product natural, the alum stone is all the same debate and would not be without danger. There is a very simple recipe of deodorant is to mix 50 g of coconut oil, 50 g of sodium bicarbonate, 40 g of cornstarch and 5 drops of essential oil of palmarosa and/or lavender. Baking hunting the bad odors and the starch absorbs the moisture. This recipe can be kept in a pot which you will use during three months.

7. Care for acne

When the skin is assaulted by chemicals paint strippers, it reacts and produces more sebum, the protective film of the epidermis. The excess sebum clogs the pores of the skin and aggravates the problem of acne. Aloe vera is beneficial for the skin thanks to its gel with hydrating, soothing, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. There are gels bio to immediate application. Simply apply the gel on the buttons inflammés and the scars and massage lightly to make it penetrate and repeat, morning and evening, the operation.

8. Care, masks and scrubs

Masks and scrubs can be made from products in your kitchen cabinet. Mask comforting honey, nourishing to the lawyer, scrub with coffee grounds, tonic lotion, cucumber. Fruits, vegetables and other food products are full of benefits for our skin and much less expensive than the cosmetic products trade. We can integrate them without any risk of side effect in her beauty routine. Discover the foods that it is possible to use it to take care of their skin.

9. The cotton squares

The package is a square of cotton for baby or cotton makeup removers produce waste every day which can happen. Those from the conventional contain many pesticides and other products of cotton processing. Sold usually per kit 10 to 15 squares, cottons and organic reusable are made of bamboo fibers bio and use it with your makeup remover regular, like those of the Trends of Emma. Some are designed with a hand exfoliation and a softer side. Not requiring any special treatment, they are washed by hand or in the washing machine with your clothes.

10. The protections hygienic

Between pesticides and other plant protection products contained in the cotton of the tampons and sanitary towels as well as the chlorine used to bleach it, it is absolutely necessary to avoid the protections hygienic of conventional trade. First step, use of protections for organic. Even more economic, the menstrual cup, also called the “cup” has many benefits in terms of health and hygiene. It only costs 20 to 30€ and has a useful life of several years. If you are not comfortable with the cup, there are also towels organic washable.

The editorial offers a selection of organic products:


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