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26/02/2017 – 13: 00 (Paris – Here is a useful book that will delight all those who are looking for cosmetics without toxic substances. Cosmetic solid, Stellina Huvenne (Collection Cosmétique home-made) will be released in early march, with the editions of The Beach.

Today pread 400 cosmetics have been pinned by the UFC-que Choose : in fact, they contain substances that are toxic and that when we use cosmetics every day. What if the question as to what we do to our skin to our hair and the environment , seduced by the advertising , it as intoxicating, guiding them in the search for eternal beauty or hygiene.

The collection ” cosmetics home-made “, which Cosmetic strong is the first book to be published, therefore proposes to offer alternatives .

Designed as cookbooks, the works are inspired by the collection which has already been proven by the publishing house, “Kitchen color” : a notebook technical follow-up of 25 recipes illustrated. “Finally beauty products healthy made at home with natural ingredients, for a cosmetic ecological and zero-waste ! The ideal combination to be respectful of her body as the environment.” explain the publishers.

Stellina Huvenne, the author, lives and works in Belgium. He is passionate about natural cosmetics and fitness. The moderator of the site, very much appreciated, Help Yourself , it helps to know the cosmetic solid on the social networks. His second book, a Cosmetic coconut oil, will be published on the 04 may 2017.

To order the book is here.

The UFC that choose offers to consumers, in a synthetic table, find the list of cosmetics products in which one or more ingredients adverse have been identified. Irritants, allergens, endocrine disruptors… the toxic substances are not uncommon in products of hygiene and beauty, whether it be shower gels, toothpastes, shampoos, deodorants, moisturizers, lotions or products of anti-wrinkle. This list is likely to evolve as manufacturers reformulate their products, removing them regularly-rays to put other on the market.

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