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It does not invent. They call Bobo and produce organic cosmetics. Pascale and Vincent, husband and wife to the city, have created Ibbeo Cosmetics in 2011 in Montauban. “ We were looking for sunscreens without filter synthetic for our children, without much success. We have therefore developed our own natural product. From there was born the idea to move from the status of consumer of the organic supply chain actor , “says Vincent Bobo.

Today, Ibbeo sells a range of twenty-five products (face, body, hair) via its website, a sixty food stores like Biocoop or The Life Clear, and direct with individuals at trade fairs. Always with the same credo : “ organic from the earth to the bottle “. The real “ made in South-West ” Sub-label Nature & Progress, which requires a coverage of 100% in the bio’s of all the plants used, the more restrictive Ecocert, cosmetics Ibbeo are formulated and produced with ingredients derived exclusively from the South-West. Spring water of the Pyrenees, flowers of calendula, lavender or st. john’s wort cultured in the outskirts of Montauban, wild species from gatherers of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, vegetable oils of the Tarn or beeswax Albi…

They advocate for a sustainable development

We do not exceed not a radius of 200 km for our supplies. We want to have a lowest impact possible on the environment and promote the work locally , “stressed the leaders, both former engineers. Defend the bio after such training, a paradox ? “ We know better than others the destructive impact of synthetic products such as silicone “, replied the couple. A sustainable development In December 2015, the regional cooperative of solidarity-based financing, the HEI, has joined the capital Ibbeo to the tune of 10%. And a young biologist recently recruited to sustain the process of extraction of the assets of the plants.

With a turnover in 2016 to the tune of 200,000 euros and prospects of doubling in the next two years, the small company of four employees now develops also producing brands in the thermal stations of the region, Cauterets, Tarascon or Aulus-les-Bains. Last in date, the Dax, which has given rise to the creation of a subsidiary dedicated Acquadax in may 2016. A workshop on-site will occur, with the thermal water of the city, the care of all of the sixteen establishments of the resort.
Isabelle Meijers

On the photo : The supply of products Ibbeo Cosmetics do not exceed a radius of 200 kilometers. Credits : Helena Ressayres – ToulÉco.


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