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Lush ‘peina’ a Donald Trump

Yuge. This is the name of the oil to give volume to the hair style Donald Trump devised by the company of natural cosmetics Lush. The product, blue, color gets its name from the way of pronouncing huge of the u.s. president, and is inspired, according to the company, a man “of face orange and hands, thin”.

The release of the oil, which will begin to be sold in the coming weeks, is part of the philosophy of Lush as a company advocate of diverse racial, sexual, religious and political. The company of cosmetics, which is characterized by not perform testing of products in animals, has not been referred to explicitly Trump to talk about his new product for the hair.

The promotional action of Lush adds to the wave of anti-Trump of the fashion world. Thus, the company’s Prabal Gurung launched t-shirts with slogans feminists while brands like Married to the Mob have brought to market garments with messages of support for family planning, challenged by the president of the united States.


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