Natural cosmetics for the weather paceño – La Razón (Bolivia)

Essential oils, fruits and butters are the main ingredients of the products of dermo-cosmetics that Stephanie Scholz offers via the Green Line, a proposal designed to hydrate the skin. The brand proposes hydrating products intended for the care of the dermis is affected by the climatic conditions of the city of La Paz, as the cold, the dryness and the altitude (3,600 m).

Eco-friendly. The salts foam are suitable for feet tired or inflamed muscles.

The goal is to help women and men to have a fresh skin. “Two years ago was born the idea of a product made from a natural source. Work with cocoa butter, shea butter and oils distilled purified themselves in the laboratory. These are ideal for a deep hydration,” says Stephanie Scholz, biochemical pharmaceutical, which specialized in dermofarmacia.

Processes. The brand uses natural products and processed in a laboratory safe.

The specialist explains that the skin absorbs everything that is applied to it, for it has developed products without preservatives or chemicals, suitable for skin sensitive. “There is a difference that the cosmetic chemist has a far more wide expiration because it contains preservatives. At Green Line we only use antiseptics natural as the beeswax, an ingredient in our formulas”.

Aromas. Aromatherapy is part of the proposal with oils and fruits used in the formulas.

In addition, Scholz works with products based on cocoa, almonds and other fruits that are born on the soils of Bolivia, which oils to retain moisture in the skin and provide a cellular environment bright and healthy.

Source: Green Line (21 de Calacoto, edificio Alessandría, floor 1).


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