Organic makeup or natural : the difference –


What is the peculiarity of a cosmetic product organic ?

As its name indicates, the product organic cosmetics advocates a return to natural. Between 95% and 100% of its ingredients are of natural origin. Exit therefore the dyes, and synthetic fragrances, additives, petrochemicals, silicones, mineral oils, GMO’s and other parabens usually present in cosmetics classics. It also recognizes the organic product with a label visible on the packaging. It ensures that the product meets the quality requirement of a charter rigorous, itself certified by organizations such as Ecocert (this one being the best known). It should be noted, moreover, that the organic product is not tested on animals, and that it is respectful of the environment.


Natural makeup and organic makeup : how to make a difference ?

A natural product of makeup, unlike the organic product, carries no label. In other words, the mark has not acceded to any charter certified. This cosmetic is, therefore, mainly composed of ingredients of natural origin (floral water, vegetable butter, wax and oil plant or natural extracts of plants), without the benefit of the appellation “certified organic”.



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