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Trini was suffering from psoriasis since more than two decades without any treatment had taken effect. Until he met “a real miracle that changed his life”, according to a news published by ABC. The young woman applied a product prepared on the basis of ashes of coffee which has eliminated the problems of your skin. Unfortunately, the therapy is a false cure against one of the dermatological diseases chronic most frequent in the world.

The psoriasis is a disease chronic inflammatory that causes squamous lesions, reddish in the skin of patients. According to the World Health Organization, people who suffer from this disease “are at risk for relatively higher for heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes.” On the other hand, the rates of depression and anxiety in psoriasis patients are higher than in the general population.

Psoriasis has no cure

“Psoriasis is a disease very oscillating,” explains to Hypertext the Dr. Ramon Grimalt, a professor of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology , and the author of a blog disclosure dermatology. This feature has made a lot of affected look for “wonder products” that put an end to the pathology. The false cures, ranging from trips to the Dead sea passing by herbal remedies of fish that eat dead skin, a therapy very famous offered in many places on the coast. “Even the homeopathy has come to hang any medal,” says the dermatologist by phone, without that have shown no scientific evidence.

The trick of these wonder products is based on their “character exfoliator,” says Grimalt. All of these solutions eliminate the dead skin and improve the appearance of squamous lesions, even to remove temporarily the plates reddish features of psoriasis. The last remedy in jump to fame is called Cenipont, a product prepared on the basis of ashes of the coffee by Feliu Pons, a man of 88 years who runs decades, the company’s Cafes Pont in Sabadell (Barcelona). As he explains himself to Hypertext, “caught psoriasis for eight years and as is coffee roaster”, he decided to use the ashes resulting to to get them topically massaging the skin. “I had two hives and I healed in a month and a half,” he says. Convinced of the results of your product, provided the remedy to a lady also affected by psoriasis. “I had the back really hurt and it worked,” says Feliu Pons.

The lesions are red scaly patches characteristic of psoriasis. Source: Eisfelder (Wikimedia)

Grimalt, who knows the story first-hand, account of Hypertext , years ago, when Feliu began to speak of the product of ashes of the coffee, decided to do a little study. “I did a trial in patients with psoriasis to see if the topical application of this remedy worked. But the results were very poor,” says the dermatologist. The hypothetical benefit that might present the product, in your opinion, could be based on the exfoliating effect of the husks of the coffee, which are very rough. “It would be like if a person is rascase with a sandpaper or if a patient goes to the beach and is rubbed on the psoriasis plaques with sand and sea water. At the end you remove the dead skin and improves the appearance of the squamous lesions”, he says. The option that the caffeine improves the lesions are red psoriasis was noted in a small study published more than a decade ago in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment, but since then no other research has confirmed their findings.

Another possibility about the putative effectiveness of the Cenipont, according to Grimalt, is that traces of the tar, present in coffee beans, they were behind this hypothetical remedy. In the past, it was common to use topical creams that contain coal tar or anthralin, as you recall from the National Library of Medicine in the united States. “Now we know that it is potentially carcinogenic, so that it no longer appears in the guide of a dermatologist, the work that collects the treatments used in this branch of health,” says Grimalt. However, the product Cenipont, which is patented and marketed by the distributor Sisfarma at prices that hover around forty euros for the pot of forty grams, “has no scientific basis”.

The herbal remedies of ashes from the roasting of the coffee have not proven their effectiveness and safety as a treatment against psoriasis. Source: Pixabay.

“He [in reference to Feliu Pons] is super convinced that it works, but this is just like when my grandmother once gave us orange juice because I thought that you cured the common cold. I had checked with 23 grandchildren who we were, and held that it was the ideal treatment. But the cold is cured if you drink juice as if it’s not,” says the dermatologist. The problem of psoriasis is that due to your character swing, you can come and go for seasons. “There are patients that he treated my father forty years ago, who tell me how well they came the cream that he gave decades ago. The people attributed to the last treatment of the dermatosis, but is not true,” explains Grimalt to Hypertext.

Among the treatments of psoriasis, including drugs applied topically on the skin, phototherapy, or drugs such as methotrexate and cyclosporine. All of them can improve the symptoms of the pathology, but their effectiveness depends in many occasions of the patients, so that doctors do “trial and error” to see what works best to relieve symptoms and improve the quality of life of those affected. For these therapies to be applied in the clinical practice, must pass clinical trials and demonstrate that they are effective and safe. Something that has not happened with the remedy-based ashes of the coffee, according to the available scientific evidence reviewed to a review published in the journal American Journal of Clinical Dermatology. The product “all natural”, according to repeated Pons, has not been shown to work as a treatment against psoriasis. Unfortunately, this skin disease has no cure, in spite of the advertisements that advertise the Cenipons as a “cosmetic product” against this chronic pathology.


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