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To learn more about this cosmetic product, we met Aude Maillard, doctor of pharmacy and aroma practitioner at Aroma-Zone.

Mode job simple

“A bit like a lotion or a tonic, a floral water, it is first of all a gesture of freshness, delicate and light , “says Aude Maillard, aroma practitioner.

  • In the morning : spray on the face to wake his skin, before wiping gently with the cloth or cotton. If one is well démaquillée the night before, it is largely sufficient before moving on to the day cream.
  • And in the evening for perfect make-up removal, a spray will do the trick.
  • In the day, according to uses and needs, the floral water will find its place in your routines : spray, compress, etc

Each floral water is his speciality

Even if all of the floral waters are soothing – “during the distillation, the molecules naturally selected are anti-inflammatory,” explains Aude Maillard – each has its specificity. Of the most well-known to the more unusual, here’s an inventory.

  • The floral water of rose : “a point of view of olfactory, it is the fragrance of happiness. She brings to the earth by his nice smell, even if it is a flower, ” explains Aude Maillard. On the skin, it is very invigorating, perfect for the beginnings of sagging skin.
  • The floral water of cornflower : it is the classic sensitive eyes. It can serve as a make-up remover, associated with a vegetable oil of jojoba, to remove the mascara without damaging the eyes. You can also make compresses are soothing, always on the eyes.
  • The’floral water of chamomile : it is a friend of the skin that itch, scratchy, or irritated. It is beyond the scope of cosmetics, and is suitable for all the family. “For the buttons of mosquitoes in the summer, the sun-light, all that is itchy and irritating, it is gentle and soothing,” says Aude Maillard. Also perfect for children who have the skin rougissante. “
  • The floral water of orange blossom : it is the scent especially that which is atypical, with an action plan emotional. Spray in the evening to sleep.
  • The floral water of Jasmine : most original, Aude, Maillard speaks of it with enthusiasm : “I find it wonderful, it shines truly the skin, and the fragrance is ultra-feminine. “
  • The floral water of rosemary : it is the water of combination to oily skin, to cleanse and rebalance. To complete the toilet or to apply in a compress on the median area.
  • The floral water of lavender : it is the swiss army knife. It is anti-inflammatory such as chamomile, but it is also known to tone up the tired skin, tighten the pores of combination skin, soothe the flushs of sensitive skin.
  • The floral water of cistus : this infusion invigorates the skin and its action is healing. Result : it is perfect, in the bathroom, teen with small buttons to deal with, and to mr. spray, after shave.
  • The floral water of Everlasting : it is indicated for rosacea and small dilated vessels, hematomas, bruises and under-eye circles. The right gesture : in a compress on the eyes for a look fresh.
  • The floral water of lédon : it is madame detox. “I advise internally, 2 tablespoons in the morning to purify his skin,” advises Aude Maillard.
  • The floral water of basil : “He is powerful, relaxing to the emotional point of view, and on the skin, the effects are the same : relaxing and relaxing stay. “

Among those that we advise : at Aroma-Zone, the Infusion of Everlasting Italian of Provence Bio, 3.50 e 200 ml, on the site of the mark ; in Fleurance Nature, the floral water of cornflower messicole Bio, 8,50 e 200 ml in the organic shops ; In Melvita, floral water of Pink, old-11,50 e 200 ml in the organic shops ; In Sanoflore, a True floral water Chamomile Noble bio, 9,90 e 200 ml ; at Herboristerie du Palais-Royal, the Floral Water of Jasmine organic, 12 e 200 ml on the site www.herboristerie.com


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