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The Clarin web / Every time there are more people that give a step forward and decide to change lifestyle habits to improve the health and bet on a consumption of all kinds of products, more sustainable. The bet by organic products already form part of good part of the population. And in this sense there are many buyers who, by believing the false messages of many manufacturers, they end up buying products that we can qualify of false”natural cosmetics” Thanks to a marketing – misleading,”the so-called Green Washing, and to the permissiveness of legislation in this chapter, the so-called natural cosmetics, which combines active principles of plants or minerals with other ingredients of synthetic chemical, it continues to meters and meters on the shelves of many stores.

We must continue and persist in the pedagogy of the consumer. The time has come that the purchaser return the product and be able to read what is compound that product that you have in your hands. In this sense, it is essential to start with the consumer products everyday. And on this occasion we have decided to focus on the deodorant, an item used by both womenis such as men, adolescents and older people. Because sweating is natural and healthy.

Ingredients to avoid in deodorants

Deodorant, stain resistant, lasting up to 72 hours, antiperspirants, for sensitive skin (supposedly), hypo-allergenic, spray, stick or roll-on. The supply of deodorants, by sector of the non-conventional is almost endless. Almost as much as the amount of ingredients not recommended that have become the fact of sweat in a taboo.

Among the ingredients most dangerous we find aluminium in its different variants ( Aluminium Chloride, Aluminium Chlorhydrate, Aluminum Chlorohydrex, Aluminum Chlorohydrex PG, Aluminum Fluoride, Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate ) This ingredient, used as an antiperspirant, clogs the sweat glands and prevents the body to sweat, which is a natural way to regulate body temperature and eliminate substances that the body no longer needs. And is that to prevent the sweat is a real cruelty to our well-being. Even so, there are natural compounds of aluminum such as the clay or the stone of alum, you do not have any harmful effect and can be used without problems.

Other ingredients not recommended, it is triclosan with antibacterial properties. The parabens (Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben) it does not give us any benefit, and fortunately it is increasingly being eliminated from the formulations. Although these parabens are being replaced by Phenoxyethanol, also with harmful effects. Nor can we forget other preservatives listed on the label combined with the words chloro, bromo or iodo.

Phthalates, which act as perfume and other petroleum derivatives (PEG, PPG, Polyehtylene, Ceteareth, Ceteth, Hydroxypropyl or other ingredients finishes at eth are also very common, but not recommended.

There is evidence and studies that show that all of these ingredients can end up causing cancer especially of the breast, respiratory problems, hormonal and endocrine, allergies, dermatitis and skin irritation or harm to the reproductive system, among others. Some negative effects that, in many cases, also end up affecting the environment, especially the aquatic environment, which is where they will stop almost all waste.

How to choose a natural deodorant organic cosmetics or bio has not invented anything new. In the majority of cases has applied the tradition and the knowledge of nature to offer products that are respectful with the body and with the environment.

In the case of deodorants, bio it is common to find baking soda (baking soda), which acts as bactericide and removes smells a little pleasant. It is also customary for the wheat starch (cornstarch), beeswax (beeswax) and coconut oil as the base, which is also antibacterial and moisturizes. The essential oils of lemon, lavender or tea tree, for example, serve to add to the aroma, but also to act against the emergence of bacteria that cause bad odor in the armpits.

If you use deodorants that contain these ingredients not only will we be doing a favor to the body, we will also be taking care of the planet.

Why choose a deodorant eco-friendly?

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